Kelsey Harper

Kelsey Harper

Coach Harper

Squat: 380

Front Squat 325

Clean and Jerk: 280

Snatch: 225

Murph: 43:57

Fran: 2:51

Grace: 2:34.


Previous United States Army Drill Sergeant

Iron Drill (Top Score on PT Test at The USADSA)

CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

About Coach

I first started doing CrossFit when I graduated from College back in 2015. I found a love for the functional fitness aspect and how it allowed me to be a better soldier in The United States Army. I eventually qualified and attended The United States Army Drill Sergeant Academy, graduated and achieved the status of Iron Drill. CrossFit helped me achieve this distinguished title.

Turning Point

When I was a child I loved playing soccer, specifically Goal Keeper. I was always smaller than most of the kids on my team so the coaches never allowed me to play as Goal Keeper. I worked tremendously hard at improving my skills as a Goal Keeper, regardless of my size, and finally had a chance to prove myself in a game after our Keeper suffered an injury. I finally had an opportunity to prove myself and I did. I never gave up and worked hard. After that game, I began to practice as a Goal Keeper and eventually became a starter. Fast forward to my senior year of High School where I had multiple scholarship opportunities to play in college at the D1 level. Believe in yourself and never give up. The hardest part sometimes might just be showing up!

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. I love working with all ability groups no matter their level of experience. I will always have the same level of excitement and motivation when working with you on your first rope climb or your first snatch at 200 pounds. Whatever the accomplishment I will bring the energy and always try to help you get better than you were yesterday.

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