Jax Miller

Jax Miller

CrossFit and Health/Nutrition Coach

Squat Clean: 195

Bench: 185

CF Total: 790 95/295/400

I can also back squat my husband


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Scaling

Healthy Steps Nutrition Kids

AFPA Youth Nutrition Certification

NCI Hormone Specialist

NCI Gut Health Certificate

CPR/AED and First Aid for Professionals

About Coach

I started coaching CrossFit adults and teens at the end of 2017, have run teen programs, and have coached for over 800 hours since. Additionally, I have worked with over 300 clients on their health habits and nutrition, through one on one coaching. I have a habit-based approach, which in turn leads to life-long changes, instead of focusing on short-term results.

Turning Point

I spent a lot of time in my life trying to hide, fit in, and shrink myself to other people's beliefs of what I should be, or who I should look like. Through some personal challenges during the Pandemic, I finally saw that once I shed the weight of other people's expectations (pun intended), my body didn't have to be a limiting factor any longer. Imposter syndrome and internalized fatphobia led to me trying to shrink myself both physically and emotionally; which is a world away from what actual health and wellness are.

Motivation & Passion

It is essential to me to have a “fitness is for everybody and every body” approach in my coaching. I have fought hard in the CrossFit and wellness world to promote and establish inclusion, including founding and running the first gender-free CrossFit competition in Denver, and heading up the LGBTQIA+ Fitness Community Group. I firmly believe that fitness and wellness are for everybody and everybody, regardless of size, gender, sexuality, race, disability, or age. Additionally, I have had the privilege to coach and serve on the board of directors for FYR Denver for the last four years. Being a part of the FYR organization has helped shape the values I bring to my coaching, and my life.

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