Erik Jensen

Erik Jensen


Butterfly Pullups


Ring Work

Inverted Pike.

At one time had a 29 minute unweighted Murph. Gonna call that an hour now, haha.



About Coach

Found CrossFit later in life, and loved the community. I like that a 60-year-old just trying for mobility and a games athlete can do the same WOD appropriately scaled and get the same stimulus. Found that I had a greater passion and skillset for coaching than competing and focused my efforts there. I was a competitive swimmer, but never really got into lifting until I found CrossFit.

Turning Point

The turning point in my life is when I was saved. I had spent my whole life living for myself and trying to do and solve everything myself, and I'd failed miserably. Giving my life to Christ and putting control in his hands where it belongs freed me to really start taking pleasure in being a servant leader and trying to change the world around me one person at a time.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose is to make new athletes confident, elite athletes more elite, and have a fun environment where competition with your own PR is your motivation.

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