Some of my favorite feats aren't my PRs I've had over my lifetime, but rather the capacity I've had to keep myself accountable to a movement practice during a pandemic while being the caretaker for my mother while she battled cancer. I'm grateful to have my health and resilience to endure.


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

MobilityWOD 101

About Coach

I started taking my physical health seriously when I was headed to Afghanistan in 2006. Fitness became a way of life because I knew that one day my life just might depend on it. Nowadays, I stay active for my mental health as much as I do for my physical health.

Turning Point

Several years ago I was more passionate about powerlifting. I tore my hamstring in 2017 and shifted focus to a workout regimen that fits my active lifestyle. I'm a minimalist at heart and love a routine that is functional and feasible.

Motivation & Passion

Helping people learn virtuosity with movements is the coolest part of being a coach. Being able to coach progressions and helping people find growth and confidence in themselves is really fun to witness.

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