Ben Nigg

Ben Nigg


Squat: 405

Deadlift: 405

Clean & Jerk: 255

Snatch: 200

5k: 16:58

Marathon: 2hr 59min


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Coach

Growing up I played soccer, football, and wrestled. In college, I played for the club soccer team and worked out at the school's rec center. After college, I got into running and ran 4 marathons over the next 4 years. I needed something new after this so I got a membership to the standard big fitness gym in Chicago. I quickly got tired of this and was searching for a new way to exercise. I had tried CrossFit once before in college so I looked into options close to me. Luckily there was a gym half a mile away from me. I joined this gym and quickly knew I would become addicted. After working out at Chicago Strength for 6 months I wanted to get more involved so I obtained my L1 and started coaching. This was in July 2018. I coached there for 4 years before moving here to Denver and am now excited to begin coaching again here at Mach 983.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I work in healthcare and a lot of what we do is provide care after disease has already occurred. Being a CrossFit coach allows me to help prevent disease prior to it occurring. Being a small part in peoples fitness and health journey is what makes being a coach so fulfilling.

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